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(Other) Tourism Spots / Places in Medan (or Sumatera Utara)

Okay, I had posted about what you can do if you are in Medan (see However, there are many great places nearby. (around 1hour to 5 hours by bus). So, it is more proper if I call it as other tourism spots in Sumatera Utara rather than in Medan. Anyway, this is the list: Continue reading


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Going to Medan, Indonesia – What to do!

Okay, if you are planning to go to Medan, here is To Do List for you.

1. If you arrive in Medan, no matter at afternoon or evening, just take a rest first. Go sightseeing first by doing a “small” city tour. Do not stop by in any spot. Just have a nice city tour.

2. On the next day, in the early morning, you can have a breakfast in many famous restaurant. My suggestion is “Soto Sinar Pagi”, “Lontong Dr.Mansyur”, or you can go to “Pajak Petisah”.

3. After having breakfast, go to Samosir Island by passing through Tanah Karo. It will be a jumpy and lengthy journey. Make sure you finish your breakfast before 8. Continue reading


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Going to Medan, Indonesia – Culinary: Ombus Ombus

If you are going to Medan, do not forget to try the batak toba traditional snack called Ombus Ombus. It is made from coconut and having a kind of palm sugar inside it. It is indeed sweet.

This ombus ombus is a very rare to be found in Medan. You can find it if you are lucky! But the easy way to find this ombus ombus is when you go to Pulau Samosir, there will be a lot of Ombus-ombus hawker. Try the ombus ombus and if it is possible also the Lapet. It is very cheap. It is only Rp 500 at max.

So, do not say that you already go to Medan, if you cannot find and eat this Ombus – Ombus. It is a must!

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Going to Medan, Indonesia – Things that you have to Prepare

If you are planning to go to Medan, there are several things that you have to prepare.

  1. Make sure you can travel to Indonesia. For ASEAN-mate, you just bring your passport. For others, please check whether you need visa on arrival or Tourist Visa
  2. Bring your pen! It is important to fill in the documents. Talking to a stranger in the airport nowadays is totally not recommended. So, just bring your pen.
  3. Lock your luggage properly. If you have a luggage, make sure you lock it. If you don’t have any lock, use the wrapping service in the Airport. In my case, if I forget to lock my luggage, I will wrap it in Penang Airport.
  4. Fill in the custom form. It does not matter whether you are Indonesian or foreigner; make sure you already fill the custom form.
  5. Don’t lose your luggage sticker that stickered on your passport/tickets. Do you remember that after check-in your luggage, the counter will put a luggage sticker on your ticket/passport? Make sure this sticker is with you. Because if you lose it, the Polonia (Medan) officer will not allow you to take your luggage.
  6. The Porter in Polonia Airport? Avoid them! If you do not bring too many luggages, do not use a porter to bring it. If you have to use the porter service, ask the price first before using the service.
  7. The Airport taxi in Polonia? Try to avoid it. You can use outside taxi such as Bluebird. Just walk to the gate (it is very near), then you will see a Petronas Petrol Station. You will see many bluebird taxis over there.
  8. If you think some people (pretending as officer) try to scam you, tell them that you want to solve it in Police Office. After arriving in Police station, ask the police to call your embassy.

Believe me; you MAY have bad impression in the Airport. But I can guarantee you that Medan gives you a wonderful experience.

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Going to Medan, Indonesia – Tourist Visa

I will go to Medan from Penang with my PhD friends. There will be 3 Malaysians and A Jordanian in this trip. For Malaysians, they just can go by without applying any visa. They can stay in Indonesia up to 1 Month. The problem occurs when my friend from Jordan wants to join us.

It is widely spread that it will be mostly impossible for Jordanian to get Tourist Visa from Indonesia. But, we did not care with this issue, and just went to general consulate of Indonesia in Penang (Near Adventist Hospital/Gurney).

My Jordanian friend took and filled the form. Then, he attached other requirements including statement from our University stating that he is a PhD Student. The officer told him to come by tomorrow and pay Rm170 for the Tourist Visa. At first, we were wondering why it is so easy. Fyi, we went there before 11am. Please keep in your mind that the visa application is only accepted from 9am until 12noon.

At 3pm, my friend received a call from the officer stating that he must wait for 1-2 weeks of visa confirmation. My friend said okay and will wait for 1 week. At that time, we almost bought the ticket for him. As he is still under uncertainty condition, we hold the ticket-purchasing until he gets the visa.

After 7 working days, he received a call from the same officer stating that he can go to the office, pay Rm170, and the Tourist visa will be given the day after tomorrow. So, in other words, his tourist application is granted! I was very happy and told my friend to book the ticket ASAP.

The moral of story is that don’t you believe on rumour. They said that a Jordanian will never be granted a Tourist Visa from Indonesia. But sorry, we prove it wrong! I hardly wait to go to Medan with my friends. Heaven yeah!

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Going to Medan, Indonesia – Looking for Flight

If you are planning to go to Medan, there are many options. The easiest way is, indeed, contacting a travel agent and arranging everything for you. But it would be not fun at all! To me, the best way is by arranging everything by yourself.

If you are from Malaysia, there are two options to go to Medan. First, you can take Ferry from Penang to Medan. You also can take ferry from Melaka to Dumai and then from Dumai take a bus to Medan. Dumai to Medan by bus will take 10 hours trip. Second option, or the best option, is going by flight. There are many flights to Medan. You can take Air Asia, Firefly, Sriwijaya Air, Lion Air, Garuda Airlines, or even Malaysia Airlines. Check and compare the fare of these airlines in detail. Garuda or Malaysia airlines can be occasionally cheaper than Low Cost Carriers (Air Asia, Firefly, or Lion Air).

If you have to apply Tourist Visa to enter Indonesia (i.e Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Syria), do not book the ticket before getting the visa. Make sure you apply the tourist visa 3 weeks before your departure. For the itinerary which is needed when you apply a Tourist visa, ask a travel agent to make it for you.

This is the early stage on planning of Medan Tour. So, let us book the flight now!

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